Co-creating cities

Co-creating Cities was created with the aim of strengthening the links between Sustainable Brands and the City of Barcelona hosting its conferences. We want to seek for answers to challenges in sustainability looking forward to work together with all factors that shape our society.

Barcelona Activa

Co-creating cities, a worldwide pioneer initiative, will start by taking advantage of the talent that will visit us on the occasion of Sustainable Brands Barcelona. So, together with the City of Barcelona, will work with attendees, speakers and partners of Sustainable Brands Barcelona about finding solutions related to sustainable mobility to leave a legacy of wisdom in Barcelona.


We count on you, help us to promote a cleaner mobility in Barcelona.


In the search for sustainable solutions for cities mobility always appears as one of the strongest challenges to address. In Co-Creating cities Barcelona we will work on two issues of the city around sustainable mobility options.

The City of Barcelona, which already works on the promotion of sustainable mobility in the city for several years, has sent us some specific challenges to work with the community of Sustainable Brands Barcelona. The City Council will spread the conclusions of the workshop and incorporate the synthesis of the extracted into their work group about mobility environment.


To meet this objective we will divide the participants into different groups, each of them energized by an expert moderator, carrying out several concurrent workshops energized through technical innovation and design thinking, together with the participation of inspiring experts. This will allow us to produce some outputs that help to answer the questions raised around sustainable mobility.




Logo San Pau Recinto Modernista

In the former Hospital of Santa Creu and Sant Pau, after its spectacular renovation, you will find the Recinto Modernista de Sant Pau, designed by the architect Lluís Domènech i Montaner.


The restoration of the modernist pavilions, declared a World Heritage by the UNESCO in 1997, has allowed the development of a cultural program that has as main objective the enhancement of this treasure of European modernism.

San Pau

Currently the Modernist Complex has become a new reference space in the city of Barcelona in which coexist history and innovation, as it hosts a knowledge center formed by relevant institutions among others in the areas of sustainability, health and education.


Fotos by: Daniel Lobo, Roman Boed, Ignacio Palomo and Recinto Modernista de San Pau